The Enrollment Services Division's  mission is to enroll and graduate students who will engage fully in academic and service programs, develop intellectually and personally, and contribute to the campus, the state, and the global community. Encouraging academic engagement from a diverse group of communities fosters a dynamic educational environment that promotes a broad learning experience for the entire campus community. Through collaborative efforts on campus and across the state, Enrollment Services Division strives to:

  • Promote the University of Arkansas and the pursuit of higher education
  • Pursue initiatives that support diversity as a key goal of the University of Arkansas community
  • Attract, admit, and prepare new and returning students for enrollment on campus while working with academic affairs to ensure planned and sustainable growth in accordance with institutional priorities
  • Accurately and efficiently reduce financial obstacles through federal, state, and institutional scholarship and aid programs
  • Commit to preparing traditional and non-traditional students, including returning adult learners, for academic achievement and success in professional life
  • Assist future, current, and former students as they navigate the administrative requirements to achieve their academic goals
  • Ensure accuracy for registration and academic records
  • Commit to retaining students who enroll at the University of Arkansas and assisting them through academic transitions on their path to graduation (Retention Report)
  • Prepare students to be nationally competitive for graduate study and post-graduate scholarships and fellowships
  • Craft and maintain policy that facilitates effective administration to support division goals, including coherence of policy across all divisions
  • Develop innovations in the use of technology and information systems aimed at supporting a research engine for best practices in enrollment services and data-based decision making
  • Increase state and global knowledge by achieving a net increase in Arkansas residents holding bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees